Design Assist

At every step of the project, our engineering team is looking out for our customer's best interests. We have the knowledge and experience to detail the most complex structures. Our experienced designers identify and prevent potential headaches to ensure that they do not surface on the job site.

Our advanced 3-D connection design using SDS2 with BIM modeling capabilities brings value to complex projects. We have decades of experience in connection design detailing using a team approach. Our professional engineers deliver solutions that are cost effective, structurally sound, and consistent with industry best practices.





Domestic structural steel is a great choice for LEED projects. Structural steel produced in the United States contains 93.3% recycled steel scrap. At the end of a building™s life, 98% of all structural steel is recycled back into new steel products with no loss of its physical properties. We have deep experience on LEED projects and Certfied Leed Green Associates on staff. Our experience and computer information systems provide our customers the information and documentation they need to achieve the most ambitious LEED cerification goals.
Includes detailed information on recycling rates,
recycling databases, and the environmental benefits
of steel for homes building, steel roofing, and
Includes detailed information on how steel factors
into the LEEDTM rating system, steel mill recycled
content documentation, and articles about the use
of steel in sustainable projects.